Sound&Silence® Silence Trekking 2h

Sound&Silence® Silence Trekking 2h

Kesto: 2 hours and 50 minutes / Vaikeusaste: helppo

Sound&Silence® Silence Trekking 2h gives you deep experience of intense silence around trees and beautiful forest life.

Relax and open your senses by listening, seeing, feeling, touching, tasting and connecting – and feel the effects on your well-being!

Sound&Silence® Silence Trekking 2h introduces you to the practices of forest bathing and ecotherapy in intense silence.

It offers you possibility to deep nature experience in forest area close to Oulu city center. It includes walking in the forest, listening and feeling the nature, guided moments of connecting yourself into the nature and guided exercises of sensitizing the senses. The walk is refreshing experience that promotes well-being, calms down and opens room for clearer senses and deeper experiencing.


Sound&Silence® Silence Trekking 2h includes small walk (0,5 - 2 km) in nature. We walk slowly and there are a lot of moments of being. You need to have your own clothing according to the weather (waterproof if raining). Duration is 2 h 50 min with the transportation.

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